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The Benefits Of Pay-Monthly Websites For Small Businesses

A large number of small businesses now rely on pay-per-month websites to maintain their online presence. Many small businesses find these sites to be the perfect solution due to a whole host of benefits. Sites that charge a monthly fee do not require you to pay thousands of pounds upfront, so you can get a website at a relatively low, affordable cost.

Let’s face it, small businesses face enough challenges, especially in the early days and years,  the thought of spending a big upfront cost on a website (however much it’s needed) is no doubt low down on your priority list.

But should this be the case?

Absolutely not, after all your website is a 24/7 shop window for your business so having one should be near the top of your list. If a big upfront investment is not right for you right now, a pay monthly website may be the perfect solution for your business.

Why pay monthly websites?

A pay monthly website does not mean you have to sacrifice design, aesthetics and functionality; as well as being a cost effective option, most are professionally designed and user friendly for your potential customers.

Businesses offer different plans that allow you to pay month to month or sometimes annually. Having access to fixed monthly payments is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to get their business online but are reluctant to pay huge upfront costs. Monthly payments allow you to continue paying for as long as you would like your website to be running online. This is a cost-effective, manageable way to run your business.

Although what you get for a pay monthly website may differ across different providers , here at Good Ostrich all our websites include:-

Professional Design – We ensure your website not only looks great but that is also represents your brand and makes you stand out from the crowd. As well as looking the business it will have your potential customers experience at the heart of it, ensuring  an easy and intuitive journey for those who visit.

Fully Responsive – This means no matter which device your visitors use, be it tablet, mobile or desktop to name a few, your website will look great and users will have a positive user experience.

Fast & Reliable Hosting – Our hosting ensures your website loads fast and your potential customers don’t get frustrated with slow loading times.

SSL Security – This is an absolute must have for any website. SSL Security recognises your website is secure and protected  from cyberattacks. Having a non-secure website can stop potential customers from wanting to visit and engage with your site as it might be seen as a dangerous site to shop or leave their details on.

Search Engine (SEO) Friendly – On page SEO ensures search engines such as Google understand what your business is offering. Over time, this will improve the chances of your website being shown organically to customers when they are searching – afterall, what’s better than free advertising?

Monthly Backups – This ensures there are recent backups to your website allowing to easily restore your website in an emergency. This means your website is not down for long periods of time and ensures your potential customers are not impacted.

Here at Good Ostrich we have a range of plans suitable for all sizes of business. You can find more details about which might be best for your business along with what is included here.

Although cost efficiency is a huge benefit with a pay monthly website, it’s important that the package and provider you chose doesn’t sacrifice quality and your website is fit for purpose. Afterall, research shows users judge your website after just 3 seconds, so it’s vital to make a good first impression.

At Good Ostrich our pay monthly websites are a cost-effective way to own a beautiful, professional website that will transform your business allwithout breaking the bank. We believe as a business owner you want to be doing what you do best, running your business! So let us take the stress away and help build you a website you can be proud of.

Check out our packages here or get in touch by emailing us at info@goodostrich.com