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What Is An SSL Certificate And Why Should Your Website Have One?

SSL – “Secure Sockets Layer” or TLS – “Transport Layer Security” are types of internet security protocols that you might hear when talking to your web designer, but for you, the important part of these terms is security. A secure site gets a certificate that proves your website can be trusted, and that visitors’ personal data will stay private. Sites protected in this way have a padlock in their browser address bar which when clicked will say that the ‘connection is secure’.

Look at the padlock in your browser’s address bar. If it’s closed, this means private information on the site you are visiting is safe. Whenever you see https:// instead of http:// that means a secured connection. This makes sure that your passwords and credit card details are protected while being sent to their destination. You should be able to see this lock when connecting to any site that has “https’” at the start of its web address similarly like you can see here on the Good Ostrich website.

Being safe on the Internet is everybody’s business

A secure socket layer certificate or SSL certificate is the perfect way to protect your customers’ sensitive information. For example, if your site deals with bank details or even requires visitors to enter their personal information into a form, an SSL certificate protects them from hackers who might try to intercept it.

Phishing attacks can try to impersonate your site through emails with deceptive links in order to trick your visitors into parting with their passwords, financial information, or sensitive data. But browsers can warn visitors of fishy sites by displaying a certificate pinning icon if the URL is not quite what it appears to be.

E-commerce sites rely heavily on consumer trust and confidence. When shopping online consumers want to be sure of the integrity of their purchase, and that their personal data is protected by a company or site they can trust.

Search Engine Trust

Google and other search engines show a preference towards websites that are security-compliant. In an increasingly digital world, consumers have become very conscious about which sites to trust, so the certification can help boost your website’s placement in search results!

How do I get an SSL certificate?

Most hosting companies will offer this as a product. Your web design company can help you with getting set up and ensure any old links on your site are redirected to the HTTPS version.

Here at Good Ostrich all of our website packages come with a FREE SSL certificate. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.